crane control lever
crane control lever
crane control lever
crane control lever
crane control lever
crane control lever
crane control lever
crane control lever
crane control lever

crane control lever

Model NO.
OM6000 crane control lever

Product characteristic:

Conforms to the modern man-machine engineering principle, specially for project
mechanical profession design use.

The disposition has the non-contact Hall sensor and the long life potentiometer two kind
of angular displacements detect method could choose.

Has many kinds of different type handle top port to supply choice, simultaneously,
button quantity and the position also have the different disposition form.

The joystick’s output signal could be potentiometer output, the Hall voltage output,
the CAN bus output, as well as a variety of standard analog signals 

Application scope:

The OM6000 series industry handles, the spring automatic reset, the installment pitch of
holes size is 61mm*61mmMainly applies in hoist crane, car loader, forklift, excavator,
work high above the ground platform, tractor, harvester and so on 

Technical parameter:

Mechanical parameter:
Starting operation strength:15N
Biggest operation strength (limiting position):30N
Limit permission operation strength:300N
Operation angle:±20°
Service life:

Is bigger than 5,000,000 times (potentiometer type),

is bigger than 10,000,000
times (Hall type)

The weight:475g (without top port)
Electrical parameter:
Potentiometer type:
Total resistance value:5KΩ or 10KΩ
Electric angle:±18°
Output voltage scope (relative power supply voltage):0~100%; 10~90%; 25~75%
The median position voltage (relative power supply voltage):48%~52%
The median position dead zone angle:±2.5°
The potentiometer loads max voltage:DC32V

Potentiometer allows the maximum power consumption (25


Direction switch: Load capacity:10mA@30Vdc (resistive load)
Outset angle:±3°~±5°
Micro switch: Load capacity:3A@250Vac, 4A@30Vdc (resistive load)
Mechanical life:30,000,000 above
Electrical life:more than 200,000 times
Insulation resistances:more than 100MΩ (500Vdc insulation resistance meter)
Hall type:
Power supply voltage:5±0.5Vdc
Power source consumption electric current:6.5mA (single axis, 1 Hall sensor)
13mA (single axis, 2 Hall sensors, or, double axis, 1 Hall sensor)
26mA (double axis, 2 Hall sensors)
Limit permission overvoltage:30Vdc (continuous use)
The reverse limit permits the voltage:15Vdc
Output voltage scope (optional):H51= Hall type, DC5V power source, 0.5V~2.5V~4.5V voltage output
H52= Hall type, DC5V power source, 0V~2.5V~5V voltage output
H53= Hall type, DC5V power source, 1.25V~2.5V~3.75V voltage output
H54= Hall type, DC5V power source, 1.0V~2.5V~4.0V voltage output
Minimum load impedance:5KΩ
Insulation resistance:Is bigger than 50MΩ (when 500Vdc)
With conversion circuit:
With power supply voltage scope:18~36Vdc(DC24V) 9~18Vdc(DC12V)
Power source consumption electric current:<20mA
Maximum output electric current:10mA
Note: The voltage type output already isolates completely the output port and the power source
Standard voltage output:
Output voltage scope (optional):

U21=DC24V power source, - 10V~0V~+10V voltage output           

U22=DC24V power source, +10V~0V~+10V voltage output              

U23=DC24V power source, - 5V~0V~+5V voltage output                

U24=DC24V power source, +5V~0V~+5V voltage output

Standard electric current output:
Power supply voltage:9~36Vdc
Output current scope (optional):

I21= two-wire system 4mA~12mA~20mA electric current output          

I22= two-wire system 20mA~4mA~20mA electric current output

CAN bus type:
The CAN bus output product conforms to the J1939 agreement
Power supply voltage:9~36Vdc
CAN edition:CAN 2.0B
Agreement:J1939, CANopen
Wiring port:6 core plugs (Deutsch, DTM04-6P)
Environment parameter:
Operating temperature:- 40°C~ +80°C,-25°C~ +80°C (when has micro switch)
Storage temperature:- 40°C~ +85°C,-25°C~ +80°C (when has micro switch)
Protects the rank:IP65
Vibration:Extent ±3g, frequency 10Hz to 200Hz
Impact:20g,6mS, semisinusoidal
EMC anti-interference rank:100v/m,30MHz to 1GHz,80% sine-wave modulation, satisfies
EN50082-2 (1995) standard
EMC launch rank:150KHZ to 30MHZ, the B rank, satisfies EN50081-2 (1993) standard
ESD anti-interference rank:

4 rank 8KV contact discharge,

15KV air discharge,

satisfies the IEC61000-4-2 standard



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