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Model NO. aluminium potentiometer knob3030(12.5x16)
Model NO. machined aluminum knobs
Model NO. aluminum potentiometer knobs 3010(24x15)
Model NO. 3010(20x14)
Model NO. Solid aluminum small knob
Model NO. aluminum volume knobs3010(15x12.5)
Model NO. aluminum tuning knob3010(21x17)
Model NO. 3010(15x15)
Model NO. 3010(KYP24-15-6)
Model NO. aluminium knob 3030(25x15)
Model NO. 3030(20x15.5)
Model NO. aluminium knob for potentiometer3030(17x17)
Model NO. 3030(30x17)
Model NO. 3030(15x15)

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