jazzy power chair joystick controller
jazzy power chair joystick controller
jazzy power chair joystick controller
jazzy power chair joystick controller
jazzy power chair joystick controller

jazzy power chair joystick controller

Model NO.
CV4AM-YX-04R2G jazzy power chair joystick controller

OMTER -Joystick, Potentiometer ,Knob, Sensor,Switch ,Slip ring

Product Description
S CV   4A—Y Q- 0   4   R2   G — B   M —R   0000
1 2     3     5   6   7   8   9     10   11     12             13
1.S: Special for the Mechanical specification
2.CV: Switch joystick with low price
3.4 is the rough size of the buttom, the unit is CM
4.X: 1-axis adjustment type         Y: 2-axis adjustment type
5.X: just can be“+”direction on X and Y axis       

Q:360 degree square operation (standard type)  

 I: just can be “I” operation on Y axis

6.Potentiometer quantity       0……without the potentiometer
7.Switch quantity     2……2 Switches     4……4 Switches         5……5 Switches
8.Spring Return Installment

R1: 1-axis with spring return (X axis or Y axis)  

R2: 2-axis with spring return(X axis and Y axis)

9.ComponentsG: within the dust-proof rubber cover
10.Handle with button switch,the color can chooseB:Black   Y:Yellow   G:Green   R:Red     O:Orange   U:Blue
11.The type of the button switchM:triggering type   L: converted type
12.The handle can be within the lamp and color can be chooseW:white Y:yellow R:red O:orange G:green U:blue
13.For clients’ special requirement.
Mechanical character:
Control range of the joystickX. Y two axis: Starting from the central location approx ±12°
Operating pressure:with spring return device
X.Y axis :approx 1N ~1.2N (l00gf~120gf)
Operating temperature range:-20°C~+65°C
Vibration:10~55Hz 98m/S2
Protection class:IP65 (above the mounting panel)
Life expectancy:approximately 200,000 times
Quality:about 40g
Electrical function:
Handle button switch contact capacity:50VDC/0. 1A
Micro Switch contact capacity:250VAC/5A
Light emitting diode (LED) rating:2VDC, 20mA
Optional special specifications:
Special mechanical structure; special handle; special rod length; special spring return force; special dust cover

 ultra-compact switch joysticks CV4A-YQ-05R2G-BM

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