industrial joystick usb
industrial joystick usb
industrial joystick usb
industrial joystick usb
industrial joystick usb

industrial joystick usb

Model NO.
OMH60A-USBSN6-24  industrial joystick usb


Product characteristic:

 Multi-axis hall type joystick, instrument panel installation , use of stainless steel and aluminium alloy materials, spring automatic return structure, use germany high-precistion hall-type sensor, whole temperature range linear correction, IP66 protection class, smoother operation feel , ergonomic mechanical design.

 OMH60- ooo - ooo - ooo - ooo
1.               2.     3.       4.       5.
Sub-item selection instructions
1.Product series numberOMH60

N= no handle
A= Curved handle
B=1 Button straight handle

C=have Z axis straight handle

D=push down switch straight handle

E=have Z axis straight handle

3.Output signal

50= 0V to 5V

47= 0.3V to 4.7V
45= 0.5V~4.5V

40=1V TO 4V

PWM=PWM signal




CAN=CAN2.0B Mouse(USB)

4.SS=Single output
5.LL=have direction switch
N= no direction switch
6.handle button

0=No button

1=1 button

2=2 button

3=3 button

4=4 button

5=5 button

6=6 button

M2= 2axis thumb rocker

2M2= 2 button+2 axis thumb rocker

2M1= 2 button+1 axis thumb rocker

N/1B= 1 button on behind of handle head(N=1-6 or M2, 2M2)

Such as :6/1B, 2M1/1B

 OMH60 series crane controller joystick

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