Customized joystick controllers
Customized joystick controllers
Customized joystick controllers
Customized joystick controllers
Customized joystick controllers

Customized joystick controllers

Model NO.
M5-S-W11-03-L Customized joystick controllers

Product characteristic:

Fit the ergonomics, fingertip type operation.

Compact design, abve the panel install,convenience installation;

can be installed side by side, save installation space as far a possible.

Contactless hall technology, high reliability , long life.

Specially designed for severe environment, the electronic parts protection grade:IP67

Application scope:

Industrial remote control, Control panel, Manipulation of the armrest box


Product selection:
M5 - ooo
1.           2.
Sub-item selection instructions:
1.Operating mode

S= spring return

F= spring return, +-23 degree end resistance(feel point)

L= spring return, postition locking(latch)

2.Output signal

H11= Hall type, power voltage 5Vdc, 0.5~4.5v voltage output  

H12= Hall type, power voltage 5Vdc, 0~5v voltage output 

W11= Hall type, power voltage  9~32Vdc, 0.5~4.5v voltage output 

W12= Hall type, power voltage  9~32Vdc, 0~5v voltage output 

Handle top color mark:

01: blue( default)
Out wire way:
L:direct out wire(default)
C:plug and socket outlet (customized)
Electrical parameter:
Power voltage: 5.0+-0.5vdc or 9~32vdc
Power circuit:< 11mA(per channel)
Median voltage:2.5+-0.1v;
Max linear tolerance:3%
Largest overload voltage:20Vdc
Largest reverse voltage:-10Vdc
loading resistance:>10kohm
Insulation resistance:>1000Mohm
Environmental parameter:
Working temperature:-30 °C ~ +70 °C
Storage temperature:-40 °C ~ +85 °C


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