boat control lever
boat control lever
boat control lever
boat control lever
boat control lever

boat control lever

Model NO.
CV4F-YQ-04R2G boat control lever

OMTER -Joystick, Potentiometer ,Knob, Sensor,Switch ,Slip ring

Product Description
S CV   4A—Y Q- 0   4   R2   G — B   M —R   0000
1 2     3     5   6   7   8   9     10   11     12             13
1.S: Special for the Mechanical specification
2.CV: Switch joystick with low price
3.4 is the rough size of the buttom, the unit is CM
4.X: 1-axis adjustment type         Y: 2-axis adjustment type
5.X: just can be“+”direction on X and Y axis       

Q:360 degree square operation (standard type)  

 I: just can be “I” operation on Y axis

6.Potentiometer quantity       0……without the potentiometer
7.Switch quantity     2……2 Switches     4……4 Switches         5……5 Switches
8.Spring Return Installment

R1: 1-axis with spring return (X axis or Y axis)  

R2: 2-axis with spring return(X axis and Y axis)

9.ComponentsG: within the dust-proof rubber cover
10.Handle with button switch,the color can chooseB:Black   Y:Yellow   G:Green   R:Red     O:Orange   U:Blue
11.The type of the button switchM:triggering type   L: converted type
12.The handle can be within the lamp and color can be chooseW:white Y:yellow R:red O:orange G:green U:blue
13.For clients’ special requirement.

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Model NO. CV4-YQ-04R2G
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