Analog Tube Optical
Analog Tube Optical

Analog Tube Optical

Model NO.
45x35 H23 φ6.4

Analog Tube Optical Compressor Knob

Analog Tube Optical Compressor knob-Bakelite knob Double-layer bakelite knob, very non-slip, Special thread can be inserted as required Standard color handle: black Other RAL-or special colors on request Standard color cap: black

fairchild style knobs        
fairchild pointer knob        
vintage general radio knob KNB-2 for fairchild 660 670 tube compressor        
fairchild 670 stereo aduio limiter compresser        
fairchild compresser knobAnalog Tube Equalizer knob    
Analog Daka-ware Industrial Knobs    
Davies 1510 clone knob 1041(19x15)        
Davies molding konb1510        
davies style 1510 knob        
davies 1470 knob 1085(29x13)        
davies 1900 styple knob 1084        
davies 1400 knob 1085(17x11)        
davies skirted knobs 1910 bold small        
davies skirted knob 1600  fine small        
Daka-Ware Pointer Control Knob 1550         
davies 1550 knob 2019(24x14)-18T        
Daka-Ware Classic LA-2A, UREI Replacement Bakelite Knob 1919AE    

  • Brand Name:omterelec

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